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Kalamazoo, Michigan

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Spirit Racing LLC was started in 1995. Slowly over the years it has grown into something that was not imagined at first.  We are presenting 5 events in 2016, with running and multisport events.

Everything we do is in the immediate Kalamazoo/Battle Creek area in SW Michigan. That includes working in a support or volunteer capacity at another half dozen events throughout the area. We live here, work here, play here.

New for us in 2016 -

Expanding group discount offerings to any large group of potential participants.

Increasing our level of support for non profit groups in the area.  

Moving the former Kids at Custer Triathlon to Markin Glen Park in Kalamazoo and renaming the event the Kalamazoo Kids Triathlon.

Expanding our event registration services. If you know of any event looking for help with registering participants for any kind of event, please put them in touch. They will be glad you did.